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The 30th Anniversary re-release of the entire original score, featuring two rare additional tracks ‘Wil-boor and Orv-ille’ and ‘An Early Angel’

An engaging experience, sweeping through your consciousness like a dust storm through a ghost town. This is not an album to listen to, it’s a record to sit down and be engulfed by ~ X-Press

This remarkable album must be the finest and most daringly experimental piece of electronic ambience ever released in Australia ... an album of stunning instrumental beauty and exquisite soundscapes... ☆☆☆☆ ~ Rolling Stone

The music is, quite frankly, beautiful. It is light but complex, melodic but loosely structured. A long way from pop, but pretty close to perfection ~ Sunday Times

•Guitar: Steph Miller •Harmonicas: Jim Conway & Steve Blau •Organ: Louise Bell •Vocals on Spirits Song: Karina Hayes •All other performances by Peter Miller •All compositions by Peter Miller •Windharps: Rod McDonald •Location samples: David White & Mark Ward                           •Sincerest thanks go to: Alex Proyas, Sean Callinan, Andrew McPhail, Craig Wood, Bronwyn Gerathy & Philip Mortlock