Points of Reference is a series of infinitely looping high resolution animations with atmospheric surround sound.

Exploratron is a collection of some of the works I've created with the astonishing ArtMatic Designer and ArtMatic Voyager.

The AMD Interactive Textures & Backgrounds Library is a collection of ArtMatic Designer systems created with the aim of allowing designers, illustrators and graphic artists to easily generate original high resolution images.


The Life Projector uses Victorian-era optical effects and mathematically-based procedural animation techniques to create the illusion of ephemeral glowing life-forces in a collection jar. 

Miller 04.jpg

The Spirit Box uses mathematically-structured procedural animation techniques combined with Victorian-era optical effects to comment on the scientific passion for collecting and observing. 


Watching Europa is the first creative enterprise from Peter's Scribbletronics. This multiple-screen video and audio installation is a speculative artistic contemplation on the act of scientific watching-at-a-distance.


Peter's kaleidoscopic and luminous images were used to illuminate the facade of the striking St Saviour's cathedral, for the Goulburn Oratorio - a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the NSW city of Goulburn.


Microspore is an animation and music project which was specially designed for display on the massive Sanlitun Square urban screen in Beijing.


Eros ex Mathematica is a collection of images generated by experimental procedural maths systems.


Insincerity (The Icons of Mistrust) was Peter's second print exhibition


Biologika was Peter's first print exhbition. The Australian called the collection "...deeply geeky, but strangely appealing"

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