AMD Interactive Textures & Backgrounds Libraries

The ArtMatic Designer Interactive Textures & Backgrounds Libraries are collections of ArtMatic systems which have been created with one main guiding purpose in mind: to allow AMD beginners and experts alike to rapidly generate useful high resolution images with minimal knowledge of the ArtMatic architecture. 

(What is ArtMatic Designer?)

Unlike conventional stock image libraries, the collections are interactive - that is, they invite the user to explore a texture or background ‘space’ rather than being constrained to the use of pre-defined images. In this way, it is the work of moments to create a completely unique image in the selected style. There are literally millions of possibilities. The images created are 100% copyright-free* and can be rendered to any aspect ratio and resolutions of up to 50,000 pixels square.

Advanced ArtMatic users can modify the systems at will to create even more diversity, and those who wish to gain more insight into the mechanics of ArtMatic can use the library as a starting point for further experimentation.

For more information, including examples and tutorials, go here.

amd-itbl-1-examples 2.png

Purchase the Libraries from U&I (Requires ArtMatic Designer 6)


*Images generated with the ArtMatic Textures and Background Library may not be sold as standalone works in their own right, nor repackaged for sale in image or texture libraries.

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