Biologika was exhibited as a set of large format high resolution archival-quality prints.

Peter says:

The images in biologika represent some of my explorations of the deep links between mathematics and nature, and the way biological forms may use simple rules to evolve complex shape and behaviour. These 13 works are not painted or modelled in any traditional or digital sense, but are formed purely from simple rule-based mathematical systems that distort 2 dimensional Cartesian space in various ways and assign values to the luminance and RGB colour distribution of those distortions.

What is truly surprising is that the detailed images that can be generated by these groups of simple rules often feel familiar. All kinds of vital organic patterns, textures and shapes can be coaxed from descriptions that seem purely mechanistic and devoid of life. There is a real and intriguing mystery here. Each of the biologika images has been conjured from chains of numbers, yet we readily understand the carnivorous sexual darkness in them as something biological.

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