Microspore is an animation and music project which was specially designed for display on the massive Sanlitun Square urban screen in Beijing. It featured as part of the 2010 Dream Worlds exhibition, a showcase of Australian image creators working in the digital animation medium. 

Dream Worlds was in exhibition from September to Decembers 2010.

Peter says: 

In Microspore the viewer examines mathematically spawned ‘lifeforms‘ as if through a microscope. The floating, rotating, translucent, glowing, filamented creatures of this liquid world are numbers made corporeal. Much of what is seen in this world is phenomena that isn't explicitly coded, but instead has emerged spontaneously from the mathematics that I use to create my work. As such, this is a kind of ‘dream world’ that lives alongside, and is embedded deep within, that which we usually accept as ‘reality’.

The version of the movie below is in the unusual ratio of the Sanlitun screen.

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