Watching Europa


Watching Europa is the first creative enterprise from Scribbletronics. This multiple-screen video and audio installation is a speculative artistic contemplation on the act of scientific watching-at-a-distance.

Structured loosely around the idea that the vast ocean of water on Jupiter's moon Europa could conceivably harbour life, Watching Europa is comprised of over sixty minutes of high resolution animation. Individual screens flicker sporadically to life with images and sound. Combinations of different sequences are invoked entirely randomly, creating a viewing experience that is unpredictable and ever-changing. The soundtrack is designed to enhance involvement in the Europan world by creating chordal harmonic interactions filled with mysterious sounds that we can only assume to be some form of communication.

Please visit the Watching Europa website for more information, including images, sound & music and animated clips.

You can buy the  high resolution BluRay and the beautiful coffee table book in the Shop.

EuropaStill25 EuropaStill17 EuropaStill31EuropaStill33 EuropaStill32

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