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Music Released as Scribbletronics:


Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Conceived as a companion-piece to 1999's PendulumBeyond the Wall of Sleep was commissioned for Ultima Thule Ambient Radio's 25th Anniversary broadcast. It is a ten minute exploration of insanity, space travel and petty bureacracy.

Old Octobers Disinterred

Originally released for Halloween 2013, Old Octobers is a curated collection of some of Peter's most gothic atmospheric ambiences and experimental works. It features previously unreleased tracks.

'Miller has achieved a full realisation musically of what an elite few 20th century directors like Roger Cormen (with his Poe adaptions), Mario Bava and Dario Argento managed to achieve in their own medium of film: he has made horror beautiful.'
Ambient Music Guide

Music Released as Perpetual Ocean:


Strangeness + Charm


'In this remarkable six-CD set Peter Miller has explored that wonderful musical world of the quiet, the understated, the delicate and the beautiful' 
     ~ Sydney Morning Herald.


'Beautiful experimental electronic music that defies glib analysis or categorisation ... Houdini, while it covers a remarkable range of modes and styles, seems to be drawn together by a limpid watery beauty'  
Sydney Morning Herald

Collected Works

'These two albums are works characterised by both risk and refinement, accessible but never vapid, brimming with a quiet inventiveness and capable of springing plenty of surprises …'        
     ~ Ambient Music Guide

Music Released as Peter Miller:


The Violet Flame

'Peter Miller’s music is never less than fascinating. He has established himself as one of Australia’s foremost electronic experimentalists… extraordinarily inventive, but never straying from accessibility' 
      ~ Rolling Stone

Love vs Gravity

'Peter Miller’s work has a discipline and intelligence ... it is like Samuel Beckett meets Brian Eno' 
      ~ Rolling Stone

Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds

'An engaging experience, sweeping through your consciousness like a dust storm through a ghost town. This is not an album to listen to, it’s a record to sit down and be engulfed by'

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