Love vs Gravity


Love vs Gravity began as a cassette collection of some of Peter's experimental work that had been assembled over a period of the early years of his association with Meaningful Eye Contact. In early 1990, Philip Mortlock at Warner Elektra Atlantic heard the tracks and championed a CD release. Many of the pieces have heritage in MEC projects: The Forge was written for an MEC showreel; Follow Your Heart was a revamped version of a section of the soundtrack from Spineless, a short film. 

The album cover artwork for the CD was painted and collaged by Sydney artist Nick Stathopoulos. The sleeve was designed by Sean Callinan.

Love vs Gravity can be purchased in the Shop  as part of The Collected Works or by itself as a digital download.

Love vs gravity 700 pixels

Nick Stathopoulos's cover painting in full. The collage elements included bird feathers, photographs of gravestones and a real birds egg.

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