The Morphium Collection

The Scribbletronics Morphium Collection is a series of soundscapes created to promote a restful and harmonius aural environment for sleep, meditation and general respite from the clutter of the noisy modern world. Each work runs for one complete hour and is intended to be played on repeat. Set the playback level just loud enough to mask any ambient background sound. 

Please note: these recordings do not contain music.


Rain was recorded in the Kanimbla Valley in NSW, Australia, in 2001. This elegant and nostalgic  atmosphere  captures the subtly  changing tonal textures of gentle rain falling on an old iron roof.



Pines was recorded in pine forests on the Jenolan ridge in Eastern NSW, Australia in 2006. The soft hush of light wind through the pine branches in the very early morning hours is at once restful and mysterious...

Atoll was recorded in 2009 on a remote deserted coral cay at the Southern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The gentle wash of the incoming evening tide on the sand, and the soft murmur of the ocean on the distant reef, is a distillation of the very spirit of this peaceful, unspoiled island.

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