Old Octobers Disinterred

A Curated Halloween Collection
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It's that time of year again, dear friends, and after a harrowing excursion into my crypt armed only with a garlic-flower boutonièrre and a hipflask of absinthe, I've returned with some rare treasures for your Halloween festivities.
Allow me to present for your macabre pleasure a selection of fifteen of my most unsettling atmospheric musical pieces in which we journey with Poe and Wheatley, via wraith-infested swamps, morphine-soaked dreams and chilled séances, into a world filled with gloom and unhappy endings.

These tracks are guaranteed to draw a Gothic fog into even the most cheerful of rooms and to send small children running for their mothers. Best of all, you can have the lot for only a few pennies. By sparing a few bucks or adding to your playlist on your favourite streaming service, you're supporting independent music, and you do so in the full knowledge that every cent you pony up goes to the person whose brain is responsible for these sombre doodlings. Me.

And seriously, I could really use your help, because I'm running out of candles, and it gets awfully dark in here.