Crik Crak

A Halloween Medley
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Ah Halloween, the time of year when little children dress up as fairies and cowboys and, as twilight falls, trip gaily from door to door cadging candy from cheerful adults…. NO IT ISN'T! Get that idea out of your head this very minute!
That's a horrid euphemistic confection dreamed up by those who can't accept the cold clammy truth of a universe filled with face-eating ghouls, soul-sucking ghosts and brain-licking ghasts. The only part that small children have to play in Halloween is as food for hungry witches. Halloween is about scaring and being scared, and don't let anyone tell you any different.

To that end, the celebration of the ancient ritual traditions of Samhain (for that's what the season was called before the do-gooders stole it from us) demands the invocation of appropriate atmosphere, and so, once more I have made the journey down into the Scribbletronics catacombs, cleared away the cobwebs and the rat carcases and exhumed some skeletal musical remains for your, er, pleasure.

This crumbling old shiny new collection of 13 haunting tracks contains a full 11 that have not been released before; musical adventures through the dank musty chambers of Castle Dracula, the overly perfumed tent of a carnival fortune teller, an insane asylum via the dreams of a lunatic, a sealed stone well haunted by a dead child and a deserted island overgrown with tangled mangroves. Crik Crak makes a perfect companion for Old Octobers Disinterred - the two of them combined will provide nearly two full hours of creepy atmosphere for your forthcoming All Hallow's gathering. The blood is the life.